Spinach and Cheese Puzzle Puffs

So last week, I saw this article from Hills District Mums about activities for your less than 2-year olds. Intrigued, I called Little Kickers and inquired whether they have trial sessions and whether… Continue reading

Milk Free and Egg Free Spinach and Banana Muffin

I have been obsessed making Cai some bento meals before I go to work lately. I’ve joined this group on Facebook called LunchBox Mums a few months back and I just recently saw… Continue reading

Chin Chin

One of the places our research of Melbourne led us to discover is this humble Thai restaurant along Flinders┬áLane called Chin Chin. When we got to Melbourne and met with Juls’s workmates who… Continue reading

Crustless Mini Quiches

The first time I tried one of these was when one work mate brought this for morning tea. I really liked it but was too shy to get another serving. The next time… Continue reading

The Kitchen and the Trigger Finger

You would think a salad artist’s job is easy but it’s not. I had my hands checked for what I thought could be carpal tunnel. I’ve been experiencing stiffness and pain from both… Continue reading

Chilli Chicken with Seaweed and Red Quinoa Brown Rice

It’s been a while since I made packed lunch for me and Juls. Last week, we met with some friends at Eastwood. The only reason why we ever go to Eastwood is to… Continue reading

Lychee, Strwberry, Passionfruit – Juice? Infused Water? Or Mocktail?

What’s the difference anyway, aye? Juice is the liquid contained in fruits and vegetables. Infusion is mainly extracting flavors from plants in a solvent such as water. This takes about 24 hours before… Continue reading

Mashed Sweet Potato and Cordon Bleu with Zucchini Filling

I have been watching MasterChef everynight and got a little bit inspired cooking so for dinner tonight, I made cordon bleu with a little tweak. Instead of using bacon and cheese alone, I… Continue reading

HealthyLivYing: The Salad Artist

Now that’s a pretty good positioning, isn’t? It’s a pretty good start landing a job in an industry where my interest lies: food! Moreso, healthy food. Today I took pictures of the salads… Continue reading

Chicken and Bacon Salad Wrap

Pretty easy. Everything you would put in a bowl for your salad, you would just have to roll in a tortilla wrap. I bought 6 inches tortilla wraps with red quinoa and heated… Continue reading